Stage 1 – Knowledge about Dementia

It is important to do it together with loved ones, so they learn too

Prior to receiving my diagnosis, my doctor had identified that there were three types of dementia that he suspected with my condition.  After considerable testing the diagnosis from my doctor was that I had Lewy body dementia.  I have of course wanted to know more about it, the doctor disgusted it with me, and of course I had many questions so he asked me to put them down and he would be more than happy to respond to my questions with either answers or resources.

This started me on my journey of understanding Lewy Body Dementia last February 2020.  The more I read, the sadder I got. Lewy Body Dementia is one of the most aggressive types of dementia. Because it is so progressive that a timeframe is predictable.

What’s not predictable is how long you retain mental capacities. The brain has a magnificent ability to repair itself, but it cannot repair so much damage. The good news is that people with higher mental capacity seem to hold out a bit longer. I learned this as the Robin William’s story came out that battling with this disease takes its toll.

Because I gave myself time to understand the disease, and Dr. McDonald at Cleveland Clinic was kind enough to help me with honest answers from the start. I was able to come to grips with a good knowledge base.

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