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Chapter Four

Stage 6 – Acceptance

In this stage you cease your fight against fate, letting go of all personal battles with one’s past and surroundings. At this point, you are able to see and express the various feelings experienced in the previous stages and can come to terms with mortality and with the needs of your loved ones.

Stage 5 – Depression

This Stage focuses on a deep sense of loss, which is felt in varying degrees from person to person. Depression replaces the anger and the attempts at bargaining. With it comes a forlorn thought of the future, for some a feeling of guilt, or shame of not doing the things that matter, failure and regret.

Stage 4 – Bargaining

The Bargaining Stage is not just for terminally ill people who are coping with the inevitability of death and with gradual loss of mental faculties before death. Bargaining is a usual part of the process.  If you weren’t religious or thinking of God, you are now.