The Power of Music

Find your music that makes you shine

Music can frame some of our greatest moments, joy, sorrow, love and of course pain and loss.  So many emotions can be captured in music.  So many things can change with Dementia but music, yes music can still help us find and even remember joy in the morning. So I have choose music as the 6th Coping Mechanism.

When I had a one-on-one with Teepa Snow, a Nationally recognized dementia consultant, one of her parting suggestions to me was to make two playlist, one that make me happy and that energizes me, and one that helps keeps me calm.  This was one of the most powerful tools I have been given to keep my mind in the right place.

I followed her suggestion, and two forces came together.  My desire to be positive and my love for God.  Even on my darkest moments I have found music has put words to my needs, inspired me to live beyond the moment and to find joy in simpler things.

I’ve never been a modern Christian music fan.  It always seems that most artist copied secular artist just putting Christian words to existing music styles.  But thanks to having Sunday services this summer outside because of the Pandemic. I have found today’s Christian music. These services which included Praise Music started me down a path that led me to the music of Grammy Award winner Lauren Daigle.

Lauren Daigle has one of the finest voices in the music industry period, not just Christian music.  What drew me to her music was the message of her songs.  Her music creates a Psalm for all occasions.  Note, I use the word Psalm versus song because Psalm means words of praise to shine.

To shine is an interesting definition when it applies to music.  Yes, lots of artists compel us through their music, but do they shine?  So many are just following commercial patterns.  They entertain, they allow us to dance, make us happy, etc.  But what music makes you shine?

For me, her songs connect with my deep love of God and the struggle I am going through to battle an incurable disease.

Here are the songs and links to YouTube that help me with the various emotions I believe we all have with dealing with this disease:

Album Look Up Child

Look Up ChildWhen the world is crumbling – Look Up!Hope and Joy
You SayEven When I am down – I believeComfort
Losing My ReligionFollowing Jesus not just religionNew direction
Rebel HeartSubmission to a new directionChange
RescueGod hears my SOSComfort

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