2 – Prioritize

Like all of us, we have appointments and things we must do.  Don’t get bogged down with things that are not important, like email or Facebook that can take you down a rabbit hole or worse, upset you. I know this is hard; I do it to often too, the trick is to prioritize.

I find I have two issues that deal with prioritization. 

1 – People with dementia can get hyper focused.  When I am doing things, I like to do, everything else get put aside.  When you add this to a narrowing of visual focus, and it is easy to miss doing the things you need to do, like take pills, etc.  There are lots of coping mechanisms that can help. (Keep checking Coping Mechanisms and Hints and Hack for suggestions for daily life.)

2 – Set aside a time each day to do this.  Routine is a key for people with dementia.  I know I need change and have outside contact, but I also need consistency.  When our schedule varies, for any number of reasons, it creates stress and anxiety.

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