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adjusting priorities

True North

When I was almost at the bottom and feeling discouraged a member of the sailing club saw I was about to give up and he came over to give me a pep talk.  I told him all things I tried to do to make my sailboat go faster, how I tried to keep up with the fleet....

2 – Prioritize

Like all of us, we have appointments and things we must do.  Don’t get bogged down with things that are not important, like email or Facebook that can take you down a rabbit hole or worse, upset you. I know this is hard; I do it too often too, the trick is to prioritize.

What Ducks?

I think to most of us the challenge is we know we don’t have all of our ducks in a row, especially as we age, we can feel things are not quite like they used to be. But is this wisdom that comes with age or is the real question what are the right duck to have?