Yes, Experience is a tough teacher, and real experience can come with a test, but it is through the test we learn. My experience is that the test of living with dementia is a daily test, one that if we are not careful will or can define us.

Far too often today we let “Ableist language” define people with disabilities. What is worst is when we do it to ourselves.

Ableist language is language that is offensive to people with disability. … Many derogatory words for people with disability – like ‘retard’, ‘moron’ and ‘idiot’ – began as medical definitions used to categorize people with disability as lesser humans.

I am not a man with dementia, or certainly not a demented man. I have an illness call dementia and I am living with it, just as I do with the other autoimmune disease I have. Yes, in the end dementia may take the me, take the “who I am” away from me but, I choose to be in control of my destiny as long as I can.

Experience has taught me to welcome the test. I have learned that when we are in the middle of the test, if we are open to God, that is when he is most welcome in and the most life changing.

God Bless

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