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Accepting Dementia

How do you deal with a person in denial of dementia?

Conflict arises when a spouse or a loved one in displaying symptoms of Dementia of Mild Cognitive Loss. What do you do? Digging, arguing in or going behind the persons back will not work. But how to you reset the relationship and get to the answers? This Article is based on my own experience and recommendations of how to properly execute a turn around and get back to a loving and caring relationship that together you can search for answers.


Yes, Experience is a tough teacher, and real experience can come with a test, but it is through the test we learn. My experience is that the test of living with dementia is a daily test, one that if we are not careful will or can define us.

Finally – Moving Forward

Once you’ve moved to acceptance of yourself in your situation, you can start to move forward. Start rethinking; re-prioritizing things that you like to do with your remaining time. Find a new philosophy of life, put family and God first, and strive to make each day count.

3 – Read / Listen to Books

Read / Listen to books that answer questions about life, God, or people that can help you stay positive. Like me, you may have been a science fiction reader, or a war history reader, or murder mysteries. My strong advice is STOP reading these types of books. Dementia and especially LBD can cause people to be violent and angry, and reading this type of material feeds that feeling and a sense of anxiety.