Make Peace a Priority

Today we’re going to talk about peace.  Not peace in the world, not peace in our time, but inner peace.  And putting inner peace as a priority.

There are three key categories that constitute your ability to help make personal peace a priority:

  1. Mental well-being.
  2. Emotional well being
  3. Spiritual state

I’m going to give you three areas for each one of these that you can work on.

Mental Peace:

1 – Meditation – meditation is a critical ingredient in finding mental peace.  Finding a time to quiet your mind. To let things, go. Meditation is very important.   In my earlier podcast and on I shared my method for meditation. See Prior Article.

Meditation is a key ingredient to follow.  You don’t have to follow mine but follow someone’s and make meditation part of your daily activity.

2 – Music – the fact that people with dementia respond well to music is critical.   But the type of music that you listen to is also important.  Not the big loud rock ‘n roll you may have listened to in the past have, you need to look for music that helps to be peaceful. I’m not talking about elevator music but find something in between hard rock ‘n roll and elevator music.  Remember the goal of music is finding mental peace.

3 – Quiet – simply find a quiet place. I know that is sometimes hard in some homes, they can be very busy and loud, but you need to find a place for you go that you can find quiet.   If you can’t find a place in the house, then you need to get outside. Go someplace like a bench in the park, take a walk or other places that you can find quiet, like a library.

Emotional Peace

1 – The next area that can help you find peace is emotional peace. I would just simply say that the best way to achieve this is to remember that everything is a small thing and that you don’t need to worry about the small things.

2 – Reduce your worries – We waste far too much time and energy on worries… leave them.

3 – The next part is about eliminating cares.  On the surface, this sounds terrible.  If we put too much energy into cares, we end up worrying. Focus on love, not care, and avoid caring about things that we should not love like, material possessions.  Frankly cares create worries, It just a vicious cycle. So, by eliminating carry about worries and small things we can better achieve emotional peace.

Spiritual Peace

1 – It is important to find a way to remember the love in your life.  Find that element of love from the past and into the present with your caregiver or family.  This is something that can anchor you to spiritual peace.

2 – The next part of finding peace is gratitude.  I have talked about the importance of gratitude many times in previous articles, podcasts and on our YouTube Channel. Gratitude is absolutely key to finding spiritual peace.

3 – The last part I would remind you is that true emotional peace comes from God.  We have things everywhere we look to be grateful for. I’m talking about everything that we have and everything God has given us like the sun, the trees, the blue sky, everything comes from God.  We need to be grateful for those gifts that come from God that make this life so beautiful.

To summarize, there are three areas that you can focus on getting yourself to make peace a priority: the first one is mental, the second one is emotional, in the third one is spiritual.  Focus on those three areas and you will move towards finding peace in your life, which can change just about everything related to dementia.

I hope this is a help you find peace and that by making these a habit each day that you can bring them to a day-to-day focus in your life.

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