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Coming Back from Tough Times Dementia Talks

  1. Coming Back from Tough Times
  2. Setting Your Goals and Purpose
  3. Back Again after our return from the West Coast
  4. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 2
  5. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 1

Comprehensive List

Introduction to Wandering Lite Podcast4:333/15/2021
The Days That Will Break You5:463/15/2021
My Process for Meditating Past Pain6:044/1/2021
Living Well – The Good Life Model21:454/16/2021
What Duck – What Windmills?7:304/21/2021
Reinforcing Living Positively with Purpose13:275/7/2021
Being In Step With The Spirit10:295/20/2021
Dementia Talks – Introduction8:226/3/2021
What does it feel like to have dementia21:556/16/2021
Coping Mechanism 1 – Simplification15:266/29/2021
Coping Mechanism 2 – Calendar Entries. Notes and Reminders11:187/21/2021
Dementia Talks – Interview with Christy about being a Caregiver / Partner21:178/3/2021
Gratitude – How does it affect us mentally11:038/12/2021
I Don’t Have to Fake It10:358/21/2021
Coping Mechanism 4 – Finding Purpose16:499/23/2021
Coping Mechanism 4a – Finding What Brings You Joy11:2410/11/202
43 Years of Love9:5112/9/2021
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy benefits2:581/29/2022
Giving Your Love to Others4:562/14/2022
Change – Travel with Dementia19:594/10/2022
Dementia Talks Ask – Who do you think you are?9:595/7/2022
What does it feel like to have dementia… Installment 220:265/19/2022
5 Things to know about dementia13:266/30/2022
Pursuit of Peace6:507/9/2022
Depression – Anxiety and Dementia9:498/5/2022
How did I find out I had Dementia22:178/30/2022
Interview with Kelsey about my Dementia17:189/9/2022

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