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Back Again after our return from the West Coast Dementia Talks

  1. Back Again after our return from the West Coast
  2. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 2
  3. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 1
  4. Do I Have Dementia? or 10 Signs of Early Onset Dementia
  5. Announcing New Website and Book

Comprehensive List

Introduction to Wandering Lite Podcast4:333/15/2021
The Days That Will Break You5:463/15/2021
My Process for Meditating Past Pain6:044/1/2021
Living Well – The Good Life Model21:454/16/2021
What Duck – What Windmills?7:304/21/2021
Reinforcing Living Positively with Purpose13:275/7/2021
Being In Step With The Spirit10:295/20/2021
Dementia Talks – Introduction8:226/3/2021
What does it feel like to have dementia21:556/16/2021
Coping Mechanism 1 – Simplification15:266/29/2021
Coping Mechanism 2 – Calendar Entries. Notes and Reminders11:187/21/2021
Dementia Talks – Interview with Christy about being a Caregiver / Partner21:178/3/2021
Gratitude – How does it affect us mentally11:038/12/2021
I Don’t Have to Fake It10:358/21/2021
Coping Mechanism 4 – Finding Purpose16:499/23/2021
Coping Mechanism 4a – Finding What Brings You Joy11:2410/11/202
43 Years of Love9:5112/9/2021
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy benefits2:581/29/2022
Giving Your Love to Others4:562/14/2022
Change – Travel with Dementia19:594/10/2022
Dementia Talks Ask – Who do you think you are?9:595/7/2022
What does it feel like to have dementia… Installment 220:265/19/2022
5 Things to know about dementia13:266/30/2022
Pursuit of Peace6:507/9/2022
Depression – Anxiety and Dementia9:498/5/2022
How did I find out I had Dementia22:178/30/2022
Interview with Kelsey about my Dementia17:189/9/2022

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