This has been my driving force since day one.

At Dementia I am delighted to share this website, podcasts, and YouTube Channel with you. The goal of Dementia Talks is to share my first hand experience with living positively with dementia. Turns out living positively, even when we have other challenges that face use with aging applies to lots of people.

I hope you are finding Dementia Talks helpful to you. If so please share the site and our podcast and YouTube shows with others.

Dementia Talks is a ministry that I started with God’s calling and Christy’s support. As I look into the future, I want to make sure that I have to tools to allow this important ministry to grow and continue and remain. This is why I am reaching out for donations.

It does mater how small, all amounts are appreciated. Your donations will allow me have better recording equipment for the Podcast and of course all the other annual licensing and security that is require to run a full website. As typing becomes more and more challenging Podcasting will grow. So…. Please help us continue this important mission.

God Bless

Ted & Christy and Pasty

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