It has been two years since I received my diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia and started was created to provide a first-person perspective of what it is like to have dementia.  After my diagnosis I of course went looking for what other people with dementia had to say. I found out it was hard to find since the average life expectancy of someone who is diagnosis with LBD is 5-7 years, I never know how long I have until I will no longer be able to do this, so I thought it was time I put the first 60 articles into an eBook and a new website call to help people better navigate the Articles.

As I put this book and new website together, I realized that not everyone comes looking for information on what it is like to have dementia from the same starting point.  Some people are still in the process of navigating the twisting process that it takes to get a diagnosis, others have just been told by their doctor that they have one of the many forms of dementia and are seeing their life change in a moment.  Still others may have gotten through the shock of the bad news and are done grieving about the loss of their plans, but don’t know where to go next. Last others need to know they are not alone on this final journey, but don’t know how to make the best of the time they have left.

Chapter 6 -9 in this site are organized to follow the path from finding out you have a brain disease to facing your family, friends, and the world with a positive attitude. Learning to live positive with dementia is a journey you do not have to take alone.  Across the country there are groups and sites that can help you through this journey even though at times they are few and far apart. There are people everywhere that like me have decided that although in the end dementia will take them, they decided, “I’m not going down without a fight”.

You can use the Chapter description that follow to select an entry point, or you can start at the beginning; like I did; and go through the process from receiving the news and then going through the grieving process, to living a full joyful life dedicated to living positively each day. And of course, you can use the Chapter Heading to find articles that pique your interest.

Christy and I in California. This is my screen saver. Note number in case I get lost.

Before you leave this site you can join us on the journey watching on YouTube or listing to anyone of our 30 Podcast and YouTube Shows. We are adding new YouTube and Podcasts each week some with guest and others covering topics from questions I have received, and others that are just there to encourage you through your journey.

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