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How do you deal with a person in denial of dementia?

Conflict arises when a spouse or a loved one in displaying symptoms of Dementia of Mild Cognitive Loss. What do you do? Digging, arguing in or going behind the persons back will not work. But how to you reset the relationship and get to the answers? This Article is based on my own experience and recommendations of how to properly execute a turn around and get back to a loving and caring relationship that together you can search for answers.

Do I Have Dementia?

Discovering if you have early onset dementia is not a direct medical process. First, the differences in you are probably first only notices by you, and are only subtle to others. Second, working with the medical field to determine if you have cognitive or other challenges is not well understood at the GP or PCP level physician, and they should only help you get to a qualified physician. Last, it takes a series of tests to determine if you have dementia. In this video we will review others and my experience compared with what the Alzheimer's Organization says on their website, about what the process to find out if you have dementia.