Track Three – Making Each Day Count

In Track Three you have accepted that you have dementia, but you need additional help to make your life a positive difference that people see and a life that gives purpose. This Track start with…

Chapter Six – Setting new goals

Your life has changed and so should your goals. For most people what was important may have changed. This chapter of Track Three gives you tools to help set new goals.

Chapter 7 – Living Positively

Waking up and being positive in spite of having dementia is hard, but two things make this so important. One, it affects the others around you and two it can literally change your brain. Now who wouldn’t sign up for that?

Chapter Eight – 10 ways to live positively

Living positively with dementia is about making choices that give you energy and keep you positive.

Chapter Nine – Coping Mechanisms

Coping mechanisms allow you to do what you normally do without expending as much mental energy as you did in the past. That sounds simple, but they’re not always obvious.

Chapter Ten – References, YouTube and Podcast links

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