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Chapter 8

3 – Read / Listen to Books

Read / Listen to books that answer questions about life, God, or people that can help you stay positive. Like me, you may have been a science fiction reader, or a war history reader, or murder mysteries. My strong advice is STOP reading these types of books. Dementia and especially LBD can cause people to be violent and angry, and reading this type of material feeds that feeling and a sense of anxiety.

2 – Prioritize

Like all of us, we have appointments and things we must do.  Don’t get bogged down with things that are not important, like email or Facebook that can take you down a rabbit hole or worse, upset you. I know this is hard; I do it too often too, the trick is to prioritize.

1 – Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early – If possible, enjoy the sunrise.  Take in the quiet, enjoy the slow pace of the early morning.  Use this time to meditate, give thanks to God, there is always something to be thankful about.  If you're keeping a journal, write, and of course exercise.