10 Ways to Live Positively with Dementia

Positively with LBD or any form of dementia is about putting action to each day. Making the choice to do things that matter, things that effect your sprit in a way that feeds your positive energy.
In Chapter Eight we will provide you 10 ways to live positively. But remember living positively is a choice a choice that is up to you. Living life with a positive attitude starts with Gratitude as we covered in Section Six. When you are thankful you can find hope and joy then living positively is an easy choice to make each and every morning, no matter what.

The following is a list of the 10 Daily Positive Action A covered in this Chapter:

  1. Wake Up Early
  2. Prioritize
  3. Read / Listen to Books
  4. Make Eating an Event
  5. Go For a Walk
  6. Find Entertainment That Make You Laugh
  7. Begin a Project or a Hobby
  8. Take Time to Socialize
  9. Don’t Multitask
  10. Be of Service to Others

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