I want to take a moment to give credit to all the people that have helped with my journey to living positively with dementia.

Living positively is a daily choice but you don’t get there without help.  It not only takes a village to help you through this process, but I think it took a small town in my case

First and foremost, I want to give credit to Christy Obenour my wife and partner though my entire journey.  Christy never gives up on me even when taking on the difficult role of caretaker.  Her love has been a shining light for me for 44 years, and her positive attitude has always been contagious for me and anyone who knows her.

Next the physicians and nurses at Cleveland Clinic who have guided and cared for me over this path of diagnosis and discovery and care.  I want to give a special recognition to Dr Li and Dr McDonald who have looked to find the answers to my health and mental problems, not just as doctors but as caring Physicians.  These people represent what healthcare should be.

Then there are the people who connected me to other people who believe as I do that living positively with dementia is a choice… the right choice.  Joy Spann whose initial care and interest connected me to Brenda and Mark Roberts and above all Teepa Snow and her staff especially Racheal Voelkers.  Teepa and her staff make such a difference for people with dementia, their care partners and the organizations and healthcare facilities that use her methods of loving care for people everywhere.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the friends that support and encourage me.  My heart goes out to Debbie and Dave Tuttle who have supported both my effort and encouraged me. And then there is Jerry and Becky Lutkus, past neighbors that have found their way into our hearts again since we have moved back to Granger. Lifelong friends Linda and James and of course neighbors Michelle and Steve and last my friends from Clay Church; Jerry and Bev, Mike and Marge, and Larry and Janie.

Last my men’s groups. My Wednesday lunch group and of course the Koffe Club that meet Monday through Friday, Dann, Eric, Matt, Jerry and sometimes Carol and Harlan whose soul has returned to God.  Enjoying laughs and fellowship has kept me from taking my pain and struggle too seriously they are friends and gentlemen one in all.

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