Season 1 – Podcast

Coming Back from Tough Times Dementia Talks

I promised I would put out new video with Christy explaining why there has been such a delay in my episodes. Last December I hit rock bottom I was taking more meds that most people would believe and sleeping all the time and not get any better. On today's video Christy and I are going to discuss the changes I /we have made that got me back on the road to living a positive life. I hope you find this video an inspiration. — Support this podcast:
  1. Coming Back from Tough Times
  2. Setting Your Goals and Purpose
  3. Back Again after our return from the West Coast
  4. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 2
  5. What to do with Dementia Denia – Part 1
  6. Do I Have Dementia? or 10 Signs of Early Onset Dementia
  7. Announcing New Website and Book
  8. Interview with Kelsey about my Dementia
  9. How did I find out I had Dementia
  10. Depression – Anxiety and Dementia